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Drop Ship & Wholesale - Beauty & Health Products

Chi Activate is an international importer and distributor of innovative beauty and health products. We offer Drop ship and Wholesale programs.

How to make money RISK-FREE with Drop Shipping?

  • Are you a retail store owner?
  • Have your own E-Commerce Site with great customer service?
  • Have your own Niche Market website?
  • Need to expand your business with new inventory?

Become Chi Activate's distributor!

Chi Activate welcomes distributors to work with us. With Drop shipping you DO NOT need to store inventory. No Need to have a shipping account. No set up fees.
You sell the product and we deliver it to your customer (blind drop shipping). It's fast and easy.

Chi Activate is a member of World Wide Brands!

Why You Should Choose Chi Activate's Drop Ship program?

  • NO RISK - No inventory. You sell the product and we deliver it.
  • NO EXTRA FEES - No set up fee. No hidden fees.
  • SAVES YOU TIME - we ship the product for you, so you can focus on sales
  • SECURE ONLINE PAYMENT (we don't store credit card information)
  • FAST order processing - same day shipping
  • HASSLE-FREE and easy to use
  • REWARD PROGRAMS for power drop shipper (more profits)

How Does Chi Activate's Drop Shipping Work?

Our drop ship terms are flexible and our goal is to provide you with an easy and fast alternative for product shipment. This drop ship program allows you to try our product first and frees your time, so that you can focus on marketing and sales.

Our fullfilment staff handle the shipping and returns for you.

Click Here to view the step by step instructions of our drop shipping process


"I recieved the Fyola unit for a present from my family. I have used it three times this week. It has an easy and comfortable fit in my hand. I can already see and feel a difference in my skin. I am eager to see the results in my skin after a couple of weeks.

I, also, used it on my hands and could see, and feel a difference. It will be my pleasure to recommend the Fyola to anyone. Thank you"
Edwina, California
TDP lamp arrived in great condition and works well. I am starting to use it along with acupuncture and anticipate goods results. I look forward to trying it on myself as well, as that is how I was introduced to the lamp."
Cheryl, Canada, Naturopathic Doctor
Aromatherapy Diffuser from Chi Activate everyday. Not only does it make the air smell beautiful, it also acts as a humidifier. In addition, when used with certain essential oils it actual helps to clean the air. I use it with my son when he has a cold or at night to help him sleep. I especially like to use it in the winter during flu and cold season.

It helps to disinfect the environment. I also use ChiSoft Aromatherapy nebulizer in my professional life. I am a certified aromatherapist and when I am giving massages I use it to help calm my clients and set a spa like atmosphere in their own home."
Karen, Spa At Home

No Hidden Fee

Unlike other drop shippers, we have:
  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Set Up Fee

What is a Drop ship Program?

Drop Shipping is becoming more and more common as vendors look to the internet to find reliable suppliers. It is often unrealistic and impractical for a vendor to handle the manufacture and shipment of their product.

A good Drop Shipper (Supplier) can rid of the need to find a manufacturer and deal with shipping details. This frees your time to focus on sales and can end up making you a lot of money. We would like to make you our partner. We handle the manufacture and shipping and sell to you at our Drop Shipping partner price and you sell to the customer at retail price.

Where Can You See the Drop Ship Discount?

Discounts are calculated on all the merchandise automatically by the shopping cart program.
Discounts only apply on the merchandise only, not on the shipping costs.
If you don't see what you are looking for on this Web Site send us an E-Mail or call us at 856-340-4902.

How to Get More Profits with Drop Shipping? Reward Drop Ship Program

All drop ship accounts are eligible for quarterly discounts, which accumulate based on purchases.
Based on the sales revenue, Chi Activate's drop shippers will be rewarded with free shipping or additional discounts.

Each quarter discount is calculated and an email will be sent with your discount and instructions how to use them for future purchases.

Want To Get Even More Profits? Purchase in bulk - Wholesale

Our wholesale pricing will provide you with more savings, which in return will increase your profits. Want to get more profits? Ask for our wholesale prices.

Are you Interested in :

  • Buying light bulk?
  • Buying huge amounts?

Please contact us by E-Mail or call us at 408-898-2201