Deep Facial Cleansing Brush - 3 Interchangeable Heads

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Fyola Facial Brush Massager

Years of research have led up to the Fyola  Facial Massager with a state-of-the-art futuristic design combined with incomparable durability made effective by a protective UV coating.  Women will appreciate the wonderful effects of a relaxing facial in the privacy of your own home!


Benefits of the Facial Massager

  • Reduce Wrinkles,Double and Furrow
  • Reduce Cellulite
  • Remove old cuticle
  • Remove Oiled waste out of pores
  • Enhance absorption of moisture & nutrition

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Seeing is Believing!

Cleansing the skin is the most important part of any skin regimen but soaps and scrubs just don’t work well enough all on their own!  The Fyola  Facial Massager helps to exfoliate the skin, improve circulation and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. 

Customer Using Fyola® Lite After 45-Days

before and after Fyola facial treatment


What Does All That Mean?

  • Men and Women want clean, fresh looking facial skin. 
  • Exfoliation helps the body get rid of dead and dry skin and helps to reduce oil on the face.
  • No more scrubbing!  No more harsh cleansers!
  • Ultrasonic facial cleansing method helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Promotes a clearer, fresher appearance to the skin
  • Facial massage helps to improve circulation in and under the skin bringing oxygen rich blood to the surface and taking away those nasty toxins that we subject ourselves to every day


Ultrasonic Waves – You can’t See Them!
You Can’t Feel Them!  How do I know they work?

fyola facial treatment

Take a picture of yourself without make up the first day you receive your Fyola  Facial Massager and hang it on your mirror!  Every week you will notice a change!  A fresher, clearer, younger looking you! 

You will notice clearer skin and a more even skin tone!

Do You Exercise, Participate in a Gym or Club
or Meet a Friend for a Bike Ride?

You are providing your body with a work out, moving it and working toward keeping it healthy!  Your skin and facial muscles need a work out too!  The Fyola Facial Massager gives your skin and facial muscles the ‘exercise’ they need to stay healthy, younger looking and clear of blemishes and discolorations.

How Much Are You Currently Spending on Lotions,
Creams, Cleansers Every Year?!

How Many Are Shoved in a Drawer, Closet
or Given Away to Friends or Relatives?

STOP the Madness!

The Fyola® Facial Massager is Your Answer
To Beautiful Clearer Younger-looking Skin

The Facial Massager helps your beauty regimen to do what it is supposed to do, nourish your skin! 

Without it, your skin regimen is just sitting on the surface and not penetrating through the dead skin cells that are covering the top layer of your skin clogging your pores and turning fine lines into canyons!


Spa Quality in the Privacy of Your Own Home

Have you ever had a facial at a spa?  Remember how wonderful your skin felt, how soft and smooth it was?  Wouldn’t you love to have that feeling every day?  Well, you can!  The Fyola  is the Spa Quality facial at your convenience, in your own home and the money you will save on skin care products becomes money in your pocket!

High Tech, Sleek, Futuristic Design Built
for Portability and Durability

Fyola  Facial Massager is the world’s first wireless portable spa quality facial massager designed with you in mind.  The unique Step-by-Step Button System makes operation a breeze. The specially designed Peullaseu curved handle make the Facial Massager easy to hold and easy to guide across your face and neck.  The storage cradle is compact and easily stored on a dressing table or counter top.


We Are So Sure that You Are Going To Love Your Fyola  Facial Massager that…

We offer a 45-day Money Back Guarantee!

Who Should Use a Fyola  Facial Massager?

  • Women love it for the spa facial quality and the feeling of clean, fresh, younger looking skin and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Men love it for the ‘work out’ that the ultrasonic waves provide and the smoother, cleaner, longer lasting shave it provides
  • Teens love it because it helps reduce oily skin, improves their skin care regimen and helps to reduce the number of pimples and breakouts they experience 
  • Let’s face it!  Everyone wants to look younger and healthier with clear, blemish free skin!

Your Skin is Your #1 Defense Against Infection, the Elements, and the Protector of Vital Organs

Isn’t it time to start taking care of your skin the way you do the rest of your body?  The Fyola  Facial Massager is your answer for healthier, more beautiful skin!

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