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Why A Face Massager Machine Works Better
With Organic Skin Care Products

and Did You Know That Most Creams, Lotions, And Moisturizers Alone Don't Make Your Wrinkles Go Away?

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Dear Ladies,

How come creams don't remove your fine lines for long?

How come your elaborate skin care regimens don't seem to do much for your wrinkles?

Is surgery the only remaining option to get younger-looking skin?

Thankfully, you don't have to go under the knife to get great-looking skin.

You may not know this, but most skin care products like creams and lotions are potentially very effective for skin health.

The real problem lies with our bodies – the skin is simply not designed for these creams!

You Might Be Washing Your Money (Thousands Of Dollars)
Off Your Skin Every Night

Most good skin creams have skin-healthy nutrients in them, like Vitamin C and collagen. And that's a good thing – the skin NEEDS these nutrients.

Unfortunately, these nutrients need to be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin to get their health benefits... and most molecules of these nutrients are too large to get absorbed.

As a result, the nutrients remain on the surface of the skin, where they give little or no benefits to the skin. Eventually, you wash these nutrients away every night... and your skin remains the same.

The Key To Beautiful Skin Is To Bring The Nutrients Deep Into The Skin – And Fyola Face Massager Has Found The Way To Do It

The nutrients in most good skin products need to penetrate the epidermis, or the upper surface of the skin, to do their job best. Massaging helps achieve this, but not nearly well enough.

That's why we came up with the face massager.

The Fyola Lite is a device that uses two subtle forces – galvanic and ultrasonic – to gently massage the face. The combination of the gentle electric current and superfine vibrations of ultrasound helps the nutrients in your skin creams go deeper into the skin, and get right to work!

The Fyola Lite operates at up to a million tiny vibrations per second, helping the skin absorb all of the nutrients of your skin products.

Studies have shown that skin products, when used with the Fyola Lite, are 70% more effective than when applied on their own!

For Best Results, Use The Fyola Face Massager
With Only All-Natural Skin Products

The Fyola Lite face massager works well with any water-based skin product, but it works best when the product is all-natural.

And that's why Fyola Lite has created the most compatible skin health formula – in the form of Fyola Skin Food.

Fyola Skin Food is a specially-made gel toner meant for use with the Fyola Lite. Fyola Skin Food is all-natural and 100% organic.

Fyola Lite face massager, comes with a free bottle of Fyola Skin Food.


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