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What Can Ultrasound Facial Do for Me?

Ultrasound Facial Machine gives you a Non-Surgical Face Lift and Facial Exercise Treatment:

A) Exercising the forehead muscles reduces wrinkles and irrigates the epidermis to improve complexion.

B) Lines around the entire eye area are visibly improved. Puffy lids caused by fluid build up through lack of circulation can also be dramatically reduced.

C) Smile lines from the corners of the nose to the mouth are remarkably improved as sagging cheek muscles are lifted. Sagging cheek muscles are also largely responsible for the hollowness under the eyes.

D) Lifts and flattens the pouches at the corners of a droopy mouth.

E) Chin line is firmed and toned, dramatically reducing the appearance of a double chin.

F) Firms the jaw line and reduces the jowls.

G) Restores youthful contours of the neck and jaw line.

When Will I Notice Results?

You may start to notice the improvements in as little as 4-6 weeks depending on your muscle tone. Within 10-12 weeks there should be a noticeable improvement by everyone!

How Long Should I Take The Facial Treatments ?

15-20 minutes a day is required to produce visible improvements to all parts of your face. There are 8 exercise points on each side of the face. Each of these points may be exercised for 3 minutes each. If speedier results are desired, you may use the facial more than once a day, but you must wait at least 5 hours between sessions.

You can also break up the exercises throughout the day (Example: you can do the lower part of your face in the morning and upper part of your face in the evening). There is no particular order that you must perform the treatments. Many of our clients do the exercises while watching TV or reading a book.

How Long Must I Use Facial Massager on a Regular Basis?

It is important to use the facial faithfully for at least 5 treatments a week, during a 3-month period. If there are particular areas of concern it may take several months longer depending on the amount of damage to be reversed. Remember, you may be reversing years of damage from factors including gravity, stress, loss of elasticity, and the sun.

Once maximum results have been obtained, 2 or 3 times a week will maintain the improvements. Exercises for the facial muscles require a regular maintenance program, just as regular exercise for the body.

How Does It Feel?

People find the facial treatments of Facial Machine completely comfortable. After the treatment, you will feel totally relaxed and refreshed. Your skin feels more tight and firm.

When Should Treatment Not Be Used?

It must not be used by anyone suffering from a nervous tissue disorder, multiple sclerosis, an acute medical condition, or if you have an implanted pace maker. In addition, a doctor's advice must be obtained when the following conditions apply: skin diseases/cuts/recent scar tissue/visible thread veins/lack of normal skin sensation or swollen glands in the area to be treated. Remember, if in doubt, please consult your doctor.

At What Age Should People Perform Ultrasonic Facial Treatments?

For maintaining and improving facial muscle tone, ultrasonic Facial Machine may be used by women and men beginning in their early 20's and onwards. It is also important to mention that as you get older, there may come a point where it is not only the sagging and slackness of muscles that needs to be reversed.

If you have too much excess skin, only cosmetic surgery can correct this problem. If you decide to have cosmetic surgery, you may continue the treatments afterward to maintain your results (after your doctor gives you permission to do so). Remember, even with cosmetic surgery, you are not correcting the problem. This will help to maintain the results by building strong facial muscles and improving the elasticity of the skin.

Is the Facial Machine Safe?

It is completely safe. Ultrasonic Facial Machines have been used in beauty salons for over 10 years. This portable unit is powered by an AC/DC Adapter of 12 Volt and the current is extremely low. Facial Machines are fully tested and comply with strict safety standards. It is FDA and UL listed.

How to See the Ultrasound Wave Working?

As you know ultrasound wave is invisible for human eyes. This ultrasound Facial Machine emits a deep micro-vibration so rapid, that cannot be seen or felt at the surface of your skin. So don't think your ultrasound Facial Machine isn't working!

Test it by placing a droplet of water on the head of the Fyola. Turn on the Fyola with the ultrasound mode on and place your finger on the side of the head; the water droplet will begin to vibrate.