Japanese Interchangeable Shoes





These interchangeable shoes were developed in Japan in 2015. 

We sell soles and covers separately. You can choose the shoe covers that you like to customize your own unique shoes.


Quality of shoes 

-The soles are made by Dream GP. This is a Japanese company which makes measuring instruments. These soles are developed by research data of more than 30,000 people’s feet. They also have a design that fits human’s foot, which promotes good posture while walking with less chance of foot fatigue.

-The magnetic zipper won't get damaged easily after zipping up.

-Made in Japan!!!


Easy to change the style

Do you wear the same shoes every day?
Why not change the style because fashion starts from your shoes upward? 


Good when traveling

When you travel, how many shoes do you bring? 
This concept allows you to easily bring several pairs without taking up too much space.

Good for the storage

Bring convenience to your life by saving storage space with these easy to compact shoe covers. 

Save your money in the long run

How long do you keep your shoes? If you wear the same pair of shoes for 1 year, you won’t put them on the following year because fashion trends do change. You are already spending too much money for a single pair of really high end shoes. If you want to change your style because of the trend or because of shoe damage, you can buy new covers or soles with ease (and these shoes don't break easily).


Shipping cost

These shoes are made in Japan. The shipping cost is $30 USD per pair of soles regardless of the number of covers that you buy. For example, if you buy one pair of soles and 5 covers the shipping cost is still only $30 USD.


Shipping time

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. 


Please Note

If you need to change the size, there is a return shipping cost of $30. Please be certain of your shoe size and double check before submitting your orders. 


There is the one place to get this unique product on this website.

Now let's buy your size of soles on the first page and choose covers you want.

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