Small Plant Aroma Diffuser

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Vita Activate Plant Aromatherapy Diffuser (Professional) Relieves Stress and More

Relieve your stress with aromatherapy diffuser. Just add a few drops of essential oil in the diffuser and you can enjoy hours of the healing benefits while working or studying.


Benefits of Aroma Diffuser

  • Great for Stress Relief
  • Deodorant, smoke dispel
  • Reduce work pressure
  • Creates romantic atmosphere
  • Minimize risk of cold and flu
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New Cool Aromatherapy Technology that Maximizes Benefits and Minimizes Cost

Ultrasonic diffusers for essential oil are cool. Literally.

Are You Suffering From One These Health Issues?

  • stress
  • bronchitis
  • headache
  • stuffed-up nose
  • frequent cold

Then This New Vita Activate Aromatherapy Diffuser Can Help You


What Is An Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser?

A diffuser causes the aroma of essential oil to diffuse, or spread, through the air. An ultrasonic diffuser uses the power of sound to shake a tiny amount of essential oil to make an invisible healing fog. Then a fan blows the fog out of the diffuser.

Advantages Over The Hot Water Method

Unlike the old timey candle and bowl systems that were used to try to heat essential oils for aromatherapy without boiling them away, ultrasonic aromatherapy uses the power of sound to create microscopically small droplets of healing essential oil that burst into scent that goes deep into your lungs.

And because ultrasonic technology does not rely on heat, it conserves product, and saves you more money in a year's use than you will pay for the diffuser up front.

Greater Healing Power

But economy is not the only reason for choosing an ultrasonic diffuser. Ultrasound technology releases a more potent aromatherapy. That's because ultrasound creates smaller and finer droplets of essential oil than older diffuser technologies. Tiny, invisible droplets spread more quickly through the air and more deeply into your lungs and sinuses.

Healing In Seconds

How long do you have to wait before you notice the benefits of your ultrasonic diffuser? You will be able to smell the scent of your aromatherapy treatment in seconds. And because ultrasound is an extremely efficient way of nebulizing essential oil, an ultrasonic diffuser will enable you to take longer treatments more often for less out of pocket expense.

Ultrasonic diffusers are an ideal way to do aromatherapy. Buy an ultrasonic diffuser today and know the difference for yourself.


You can Even Use This Diffuser For facial steaming.

an excellent product for beauty spa

Top 5 Reasons You Should Try SpaLite Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • Safe - No risk of overheating and/or explosion since the cool mist is generated by ultrasonic wave, not a flame or any kind of heat
  • User-friendly - Simple push on the power button and enjoy the mist of essential oils
  • Long Lasting - Once filled up the Aroma Diffuser can generate the cool mist for up to 6 hours
  • Energy efficient - This diffuser has a built in sensor that will automatically stop when the minimum water level is reached
  • Relaxing - Special nightlight can be turned off for better sleep.

    You Can Choose the Diffuser To Run Continuously or Intermittently
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