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Is Your Neck Under Pressure Every Single Day?

Is It Causing Unbearable Neck Pain and Even Numbness in Your Arms?

Don’t Live With Chronic Neck Pain It’s Time To Stop It with ChiSoft Neck Stretcher Now!




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Why Millions of People Are Still Having Minor to Chronic Neck Pain?

Did you know that neck pain could be caused by a simple incident? It doesn’t have to be a whiplash in car accident; it could simply walking to your own kitchen. Even using your smart phones while walking can creates stress on your neck.

If you have "text neck" caused by smart phones, neck pain due to incorrect posture, compressed disc, pinched nerve, or bulging disc then you should continue reading....

Are You Suffering from Pain Caused By Pinched Nerve, Compressed Disc. Bulging Disc or Herniated Disc?

Is tingling, numbness or muscle weakness bothering you every day? And you can’t even do simply daily activities such as dish washing, cooking or even reading the newspaper.

Is the pain going through other body parts as well?  When you have neck pain it’s hard to focus on work, or live a normal life. Here is simple solution, recommended by doctors; it’s ChiSoft neck traction.

how to use neck traction

Don't Let Neck Pain Become Chronic

neck pain relief with neck traction device


You can get neck pain from sleeping in the wrong position or sitting behind the desk for long hours with incorrect posture.

Most people don’t even try to prevent neck pain until it’s too late. Don’t let neck pain become chronic, suffering every single day and getting sleepless nights.

Three Benefits of ChiSoft® Neck Traction For Your Neck

  1. Relieves Pressure Around Neck and Shoulder Muscle
    By gently stretching the neck muscles, it helps relieve the pressure around the joints and cervical discs. ChiSoft neck traction device is ideal for anyone suffering from pinched nerve, tight neck muscles, herniated disc, ostheoarthritis and more… 

  2. Prevent Chronic Neck Pain by Correcting Posture
    Every time your head is bending forward it creates huge pressure on your neck and shoulders. In the long term it this will create chronic neck pain. By simply using ChiSoft neck traction you can prevent this. With the inflatable ChiSoft traction device your head will be stopped bending forward too much, improving our posture.

  3. Save Money on Pharmacy Bills and Pain Killers
    Are you being sent to you different specialist such as acupuncturist, physiotherapist and chiropractors? In the mean time you might be taking pain killers. All these different clinics and medicines can cost you thousands of dollars. With ChiSoft Neck traction you can save this money. Only a one-time purchase to get instant relief.


How A Famous TV Producer Got Relief with ChiSoft®
After Suffering for 8 Years from Neck Pain

Watch What Our Customer Say About ChiSoft®

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Over 3000 Customers Are Using ChiSoft® Neck Traction Device

Yes, exactly 3119 neck pain sufferers have been using ChiSoft neck traction device and the number is still growing. From Chiropractors to office workers around the entire North America have found this device useful. Even celebrities are recommending the ChiSoft neck traction.

Review of ChiSoft® From Youtube Celebrity

Doctor's Testimonials For ChiSoft Neck Traction Unit

"I have had wonderful success in treating patients with cervical disk disorders. The ChiSoft neck traction has proven to be very instrumental in the success my patients and I have realized. Patients love it! They find it is easy to use, very practical, and it works! I enthusiastically recommend the ChiSoft for neck traction!"

Dr. J Renkens, Chiropractor, DC, ART, MAT, Nashville, TN

"I think ChiSoft Neck Traction is a good innovation and I think it’s a considerable benefit to my patients and it continues to give them relief from neck, shoulder, hand, and arm pain and numbness, even after they’ve stopped professional therapy. I would recommend your product to anyone and hope to continue using it and prescribing it to my patients."

B. J. Wodaski, MS, Occupational Therapist, Certified Hand Therapist

"Over the last four months our clinic has had the opportunity to allow our patients to try the ChiSoft Neck Traction. We have received great feedback on the ease of use, immediate relief of muscle tension/neck pain, and convenience. The device enhances our current therapy program and allows patients to continue to benefit post-rehab. Thanks for allowing us to further benefit our patients rehabilitation needs."

J. Hill, Director of CaroMont Rehab and Sports Medicine, North Caroline)

"Our patients love the ChiSoft Neck Traction "
A. Huppert, NYS licensed physical therapist of Back to Sports PT York)


Get A Safe, Effective and NON-Surgical Pain Relief Solution with ChiSoft®

Is your neck pain so unbearable that you need to go for surgery? Before you even think about surgery try ChiSoft neck traction first.

For years neck traction has been applied by spine specialist to help reduce pressure between the cervical discs and relieve sore joints. Less pressure means less pain.

Now, there is an easy and safe way to apply neck traction at home. Simply place the ChiSoft neck traction device around your neck and enjoy the relief immediately. You can adjust the traction force manually to reach the most comfortable stretch.


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