Neck Traction Device 3-Layer

Stop Suffering and End Your NECK PAIN Now!

With the ChiSoft Neck Traction Deluxe you get a soothing relief. If you are suffering from pinched nerve or compressed then this Doctors recommended device can help you. The ChiSoft® Neck Traction Device is an amazing and easy-to-use way get temporarily relief from neck pain.

Benefits of the Neck Traction Device (3 Layer)

  • Portable device for neck pain relief
  • Efficiently supports neck and head
  • Corrects posture
  • Reduces pressure on neck
  • FREE Foot Pump!

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Why do you allow your neck pain suffering to continue? Whether due to poor posture, pinched nerve or compressed disc, do something about it! The ChiSoft® Neck Traction Deluxe Device is the answer!

Chisoft Neck Traction Deluxe is the Ultimate Solution for You

  • Revolutionizes home cervical traction
  • User friendly
  • Exerts force evenly and gently
  • Efficiently supports neck and head
  • Portable device for neck pain relief
  • Thin and light weight

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Who Can Benefit from ChiSoft® Inflatable Neck Traction Device?

Great for office workers suffering from neck pain! Stress due to poor posture. And people with pinched nerves. The ChiSoft® cervical neck traction device relieves tight muscles, pinched nerves, neck pain, tension headaches, osteoarthritis, swollen discs, straightening of the neck and for degenerative discs or joints.

Bring relief on the spot. Simply place the air Neck Traction device around your neck. And let the ChiSoft Neck Traction Device’s 3 individual air chambers go to work. Creating neck traction allowing the tight neck muscles to relax and relieve the pressure in the joints and nerves. The ChiSoft Deluxe can be taken anywhere to gently stretch the cervical discs, and reducing pressure. Less pressure means less pain.


What makes Deluxe ChiSoft® Neck Traction Different Than Other Models?

The ChiSoft Cervical Neck Traction Device is an air-inflated neck-stretching device.

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Designed for simplicity - No complicated instructions - Easily set-up just about anywhere.

No assembly or batteries are required. Simply wrap the traction device around your neck. Then using theincluded air pump, inflate and enjoy the gentle stretch.

The ChiSoft Neck Traction Deluxe is as comfortable as it is portable. Constructed of soft rubber and completely covered in soft cloth from top to bottom.

A unique feature only available on the ChiSoft Neck Traction Device is its’ three inflatable layers. Providing effective, gentle, uniform neck support and a comfortable stretch. Also allowing you to adjust the cushion to fit your neck length.

  • Easy to Operate
  • Adjustable Size
  • Easy to Use
  • Portable


Over 3000 Customers Are Using ChiSoft® Neck Traction Device

Over 3000 people are using ChiSoft neck traction device to get relief from neck pain. Chiropractors have found this device very useful for their patients. The ChiSoft neck traction even helped a Hollywood celebrity to get back to an active and productive working life.

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Get Neck Pain Free Today with ChiSoft Neck Traction

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