The Truth About Organic Facial Toner

The Truth About Organic Facial Toners
Not All Are 100% Organic

Facial toners are not like a life-saving medication in necessity, but when it comes to skin care, using an organic facial toner can make a world of difference. 


These are able to provide a large variety of benefits to the skin, such as improving complexion and hydration. The key is to know your skin and choose the right organic facial toner for you.

Organic Versus Non-Organic Facial Toners

The non-organic types are the ones we often see in stores.  These include some type of astringent as an ingredient, such as alcohol.  The astringent is there to cause slight irritation and inflammation which acts to plump the skin.  This gives the illusion that wrinkles are reduced and pores are smaller.  However, over time, alcohol and other non-natural astringents may be harmful to the skin.


Organic facial toners use all-natural ingredients.  They are able to gently cleanse the skin by removing the remaining traces of oil, dead skin and dirt following the use of a facial cleanser.  They are able to hydrate as well, which helps to improve complexion and speed up regeneration.


What are the Different Types of Organic Facial Toners?

You can find an organic toner for just about any skin issue.  There are types that will benefit all skin types.  They generally work to soothe, balance and clarify the skin.  Their ingredients are gentle and cleanse the skin without any harsh additives.


Acne toners are used to prevent and reduce acne.  They also clarify and cleanse, as well as refine skin tone.  They will include proven anti-acne ingredients.

A dry skin toner often has an ingredient like aloe to help restore the skin's moisture.  It often helps to increase firmness and elasticity as well.

On the other hand, there are toners specifically for oily skin.  These still provide moisturization and protection, but also work to penetrate deep into pores to remove excess oil.


How do Facial Toners Work?

The best facial soap often will not fully cleanse the skin.  This is especially true for those that wear a lot of makeup.  Many people are amazed when they use a toner after washing their face.  They will often notice that they still had dirt and/or makeup residue on their face.  A toner will ensure that all impurities and debris have been cleaned away. 


When we clean our face with soap and water, the pores open up.  A toner will help to close them.  This helps to prevent debris and dirt from getting trapped in pores.  Toner will also help to balance skin pH. 

When we wash our face, we are stripping away moisture.  Toner helps to restore this moisture right after cleansing so that the skin does not risk getting dried out. 



Do You Really Need a Facial Toner?

This is actually a rather controversial issue in the skin care world.  Our skin will survive without using a toner.  However, it may not look and feel as good as it does with regular toner use.  Experts are on both sides of the fence on this issue.  The thing is, an organic facial toner can only benefit you.  They have natural ingredients that have been shown to be beneficial for the skin.  Plus, it never hurts to give our skin a little extra cleansing and pampering. 


What are the Benefits of Facial Toners?

Why should you use a facial toner?  It is important to know what this kind of product can do for you before you will fully commit to making it a regular part of your skin care routine.  The following are proven benefits of facial toners:


  1. Toners are able to help balance skin pH which is critical for skin to be smooth and vibrant. When pH is off balance, our skin is more prone to infection and oiliness. 
  2. This can help to tighten and shrink pores.  Large pores are not only unsightly, but they can also be a haven for dirt, debris and bacteria.  A toner will help the pores to reduce in size so that fewer impurities are able to enter and cause problems.  This can prevent many things, such as acne and infection.
  3. These help to nourish and hydrate the skin.  Dry skin is unhealthy and more vulnerable to issues.  When skin is nourished and hydrated, it has a better chance of maintaining smoothness, elasticity, youthfulness, and helps to keep issues like wrinkles and fine lines at bay. 
  4. Toners are detoxifying.  Toxins are all around us everyday.  They are in many products we use, in the environment and even in the foods we eat.  A toner can help to remove these toxins from setting into our pores and causing problems.  This will help skin maintain youth and health.
  5. Acne is a big issue for millions of people.  It can lead to scarring and be really embarrassing.  Toners can help to remove dead skin cells and oils that have built up on the skin.  This can help to not only prevent future acne, but can assist in the healing of current acne outbreaks.