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Secret Santa Giving Free Meditative Exercises To
Help 200 people Improve Their Health

(On December 25th, 2012, Vancouver)

Don't Let this Be You:

  1. 60% of people in Vancouver Are suffering from back and neck pain

  2. 1 Out of 3 Woman In Canada Die from Heart Diseas

  3. 40% of Vancouvrites Are Feeling tired and lack of energy at work

It's time to learn these 6 simple meditative exercises. Improve your health with these 800 years old exercises.

Give Yourself the Gift That Keeps on Giving

To share the Joy of Giving, we are giving these meditative for FREE at Dec 25th
In 50 minutes you can learn these simple exercises and you will feel refreshed and energized!

These famous and widespread meditative (Qigong) exercises are used for gently training the intrinsic health of the muscles, joints, connective tissues, digestion, the spine, and more.

Testimonials ~ What People Say About These Exercises
(Heart & Stroke Foundation)

”Tim was a very thorough and patient instructor, making the Tai Chi lessons enjoyable. The exercises were not too difficult, but also presented enough of a challenge. After each session, I was left feeling relaxed, yet invigorated.” 

Jennifer, Lifestyle Department of Heart and Stroke Foundation

Health Benefits of These 800 Years Old Meditative Exercises

-        Build up more energy 
-        Corrects posture
-        Relaxes your muscles
-        Stress Relief
-        Helps you sleep better
-        Skin toning

With meditative exercises you can feel the results already after the training session.

Six Silken Movements the eight individual movements of the form characterize and impart a silken quality (like that of a piece of brocade) to the body and its energy.

The meditative exercises are primarily designated as a form of medical qigong, meant to improve health. Separate exercises, each focusing on a different physical area and qi meridian

It's only 50 minutes. Learn these health exercises before you go for Christmas Dinner.

Not Just Simple Exercises, They Are Able To Massage Your Internal Organs

These amazing exercises are developed to relieve obstructions of chi energy in the internal organs to restore health and vitality. The theory is that internal blockages of chi can disrupt the flow of energy which leads to disease. It is a direct massage to the abdomen and focuses on the energy pathways of the body (meridians).

What To Wear?
Something comfortable and sport shoes.

5699 Ormidale Street  
Vancouver, BC
V5R 4R2

12 pm – 2 pm (2 classes, each 50 minutes)

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