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  • Small Plant Aroma Diffuser

    Small Plant Aroma Diffuser

    Vita Activate Plant Aromatherapy Diffuser (Professional) Relieves Stress and More

    Relieve your stress with aromatherapy diffuser. Just add a few drops of essential oil in the diffuser and you can enjoy hours of the healing benefits while working or studying.


    Benefits of Aroma Diffuser

    • Great for Stress Relief
    • Deodorant, smoke dispel
    • Reduce work pressure
    • Creates romantic atmosphere
    • Minimize risk of cold and flu
    • $29.99
  • Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

    Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

    Enjoy the releasing cool mist of healing oils with this deluxe model. This uniqe model uses ultrasonic wave to break up the essential oil that is dissolved into the water. Designed with higher frequency to create extremely fine micro-particles of oils for a pleasant indoor atmosphere. You can not find this model in retail stores

    Benefits of SpaLite Aroma Diffuser

    • Reduce Stress
    • Supply Fresh air
    • Essential Oil Kills Bacteria
    • Reduce Insomnia
    • Create romantic athmosphere
    • Decrease chronic disease as cold


    • $39.00
  • Essential Oils 3 Pack - Lavender

    Essential Oils 3 Pack - Lavender

    Get Maximum benefits with Top 3 Most Popular Essential Oils?

    Most fragrances smell good, but has no healing properties and may even be damaging. Only essential oils obtained from plant oils have healing properties. Now you can have all three different essential oils in one package.


    Benefits of 3-Pack Essential Oil (Lavender, Tea Tree and Lemon Grass)

    • Stress Relief with Lavender
    • Better concentration with Peppermint
    • Better sleep with Lavender
    • Headache relief with Peppermint
    • Calm the nerves with Jasmine
    • $19.00
  • Aromatherapy Diffuser Glass Model

    Aromatherapy Diffuser Glass Model

    ChiSpaTM Aromatherapy Diffuser: Reduce Stress - Refresh - Revive - Revitalize

    Is Your daily hectic workday routine causing you Stress?

    The kind with a capital ‘S’!
    The kind of Stress that stays with you
    The kind of Stress that compounds during your commute home
    The kind of Stress that continues, even at home, causing irritability and irrational snacking?

    All finished off with insomnia or at best irregular, un-restful sleep


    Only 5 left in stock
    • $23.00
  • Back Stretcher Seen Dr Oz - Back Stretching Device

    Back Stretcher Seen Dr Oz - Back Stretching Device

    Are you having difficulty with your back? Would you like to fix it, while improving you posture as well?
    There are basically two major reasons for back disorders! Poor posture and an overworked back

    ◎Benefits of ChiSoft Back Stretcher

    • Helps your muscles free from tightness
    • Helps you improve posture
    • Passively stretch your back


    • $37.00


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