Shoulder Heating Pad

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Shoulder Heating Pad
Pain Relief Anywhere Anytime

Feel the deep, penetrating, sensational heat relief deep into your sore shoulders with the ChiOndoTM infra-red heating pad.
Fits Any Sized Shoulder Area!


Benefits of the Shoulder Heating Pad

  • Designed for shoulder pain relief
  • Relaxes shoulder muscles effectively
  • Sooths stiff neck muscles
  • Relieves shoulder muscle aches and pains
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Designed to fit around your neck like a collar,
the "U" shaped cutout delivers soothing, moist, heat to your neck and shoulders (trapezius and deltoid muscle regions).

The ChiOndoTM infra-red heating pad
provides easy comfortable relief right in your home.


How Can This ChiOndoTM Shoulder Heating Pad Help You?

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Relieves: shoulder & back pains - joint pain & muscle sprain - tension and muscle aches

Relieve Your Tight Neck & Shoulder Muscles with ChiOndo Shoulder Heating Pad

The ChiOndo Shoulder Heating Pad is a great way to manage and alleviate pain in your shoulders and neck using heat therapy.

Heat relieves pain. Heat has always been a natural remedy used to relieve pain and enhance the recovery process. Heat therapy provides soothing comfort by increasing blood flow, relaxing sore muscles, and helping to decrease stiffness.

Don’t wait until you’re in pain
to use the ChiOndoTM Shoulder Heating Pad!

Feel and enjoy the benefits of on-going use

Using it for only 15 minutes daily will have your neck and shoulders always feeling great! You’ll get relief from stress and tension. By effectively stimulating the contraction and release of blood vessels, alleviate fatigue and improve your metabolism. Total relaxation and stress reduction alleviating fatigue.

The ChiOndo shoulder heating pad provides you warm, pleasurable, sensations promoting blood circulation helping to keep skin looking and feeling softer and healthier. And it’ll help to make your skin remain that way.

Infra-red Heating ChiOndoTM Shoulder Heating Pad

This ChiOndo Shoulder Heating Pad is made of special fine-grained clay; loess. The secret is in the loess! The heated pack emits infra-red heat, Far Infra-red (FIR) heat. FIR heat penetrates deep into the body, harmlessly. The ChiOndo Ceramic Microwave Heating Pad Keeps the Heat.

Emitting FIR heat for up to 3 hours! While most other microwaved heating pads may emit heat for only 60 minutes. FIR produces heat more efficiently because it matches your body's own emissions and penetrates even deeper into the skin.

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Long Lasting Relief

The loess is able to keep heat for a long time, giving you a long lasting relief. Just microwaving ChiOndo for 3 minutes, it then stays warm for 3 hours. The outside material of the ChiOndo Pad is made with special plastic that withstands intense heat. Plus the different textured sides allow you to enjoy varying intensities of the heat by turning it over.

Health Benefits Of Far Infrared Heat

  1. Helps purify skin
  2. Helps restore damaged cells
  3. Increases the immune system
  4. Detoxifies the body  

By placing this heating pad around your shoulders far infrared can go deeply into your body.
Together with the heat it can help your body heal from infections faster.

Research Have Shown That Far Infrared Is Safe and Effective for Body Healing

infrared therapy explained

Scientists have shown that Far Infrared Therapy increases blood circulation of the human body. This helps promote the healing. Far-Infrared (FIR) heat is invisible for the human eyes, but completely safe.

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