Fyola Organic Skin Moisterizer
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Fyola Organic Skin Moisterizer

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Fyola® Toning Gel / Moisterizer ~ 100% Organic

Aging is unavoidable. We know all know this…BUT

there are ways to age gracefully to minimize the signs of your years –
for as much as possible for as long as possible.

Benefits of Fyola Toning Gel (30ml)

  • Firms and Tones Your Skin
  • For all Skin Types
  • Reduce Wrinkles with Facial Massager
  • Spreads evenly without running or drying
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There’s no need to show your age!

Get FYOLA SKIN FOOD TONER GEL Truly “Skin Food” All Natural
Toner gel 100% organic - Moisturizer – Cleanser - Toner


Use alone, applying as you normally would a cream or lotion, but for even deeper skin penetration and skin healing results, we suggest using with the Fyola Lite facial machine

Applying a moisturizer after a treatment is a way of diminishing aging.

Fyola Skin Food (toner gel, 100% organic). It's specially formulated for the Fyola Lite facial machine.


Truly 100% organic, Made in Canada
Consider this your skin's diet for nutrition.

Everything you put on your skin is absorbed and finds its way to your internal organs and tissues.


Tested and Recommended by Dermatologist ~ Dr. Ansul Khan

‘I recommend using the 'Fyola Skin Food Toner Gel’ with the Fyola Lite device to achieve maximum benefit and deliver vital nutrients found in the Gel to the deeper layers of the skin.’

I have carefully reviewed all the ingredients of Fyola Skin Food (toner gel). This water based gel contains a rich cocktail of organic ingredients and it's benefical for all skin types.


By Dr.Ansul Khan MSc (Dermatological Sciences), Anti-Aging (Paris), Arizona, USA

Food quality ingredients you could eat (if you had to!)

Know and understand what you’re putting on your skin - A strong natural nutrient profile that keeps your skin young, and vibrant!


Plan for your youngest looking face

Applying FYOLA SKIN FOOD TONER GEL derived from these organic foods is a smart and natural way to make your skin appear both healthy and beautiful…


Your face will feel (and look) Vibrant - radiant - flawless

Please, understand that you do NOT have to look older

than your age – EVER!  It’s a fact!

You’ll look years younger if you're willing to give your skin the attention it deserves – especially the delicate area around your eyes and lips.


End the worrying about the toll time, environment, toxins & free-radicals are taking on your beautiful, youthful face.

Your skin is not only your body’s largest organ – it's also the thinnest. Think about it – Only approximately 1/10th of an inch separates you from all sorts of toxins.

Your skin is also highly permeable, allowing what you apply to your skin access to your bloodstream (and thereby to the rest of your body)…


That's why it’s so vitally important not to put anything on your skin that you wouldn't be willing to eat.


Because in effect you are…

Truly “Skin Food”all natural toner gel 100% organic



We all know the saying, “Beauty is more than skin deep”. Stop pampering your skin with 'beauty' products laced with toxins – that clog your facial pores, and keep your skin from breathing!

Moisturize daily with FYOLA SKIN FOOD TONER GEL

It’s a non-clogging organic moisturizer. Nourish your skin instead of clogging it, as many over-priced commercial “moisturizers” do.

Skin Cleansing for a vibrant look and fresh feel – Every day of your life, dust, pollution, and grime attach themselves to the surface of your skin.

Cleaning your skin is important


In the few minutes you take daily to cleanse your face and unclog your pores, your skin will look its bright and shining best!  Instead of sluggish, tired, and aged. Plan for your youngest looking face.

Massage – It’s an essential part of a facial

when you go to a spa because it really helps your skin glow, by encouraging cell rejuvenation which contributes to your younger looking appearance. We suggest using with the Fyola Lite facial massage machine.



Use alone, applying as you normally would a cream or lotion. And with the Fyola Lite facial machine for even deeper skin penetration and skin healing results.

FYOLA SKIN FOOD TONER GEL. It's specially formulated – 100% organic all natural toner gel


Moisturizer – Cleanser - Toner



How to Use Fyola Moisterizer

For Best Results Use the Fyola Skin Food With Fyola Facial Machine

  • Apply suitable amount of ultrasound gel ( a circle with 2 cm diameter) on the facial head

  • Choose the one the following modes

    - Cleansing

    - Massaging

  • Select Ultrasound mode only

    When Ultrasonic wave mode is turned on, it will emit ultrasound waves. The ultrasound waves will remove dead skin cells and waste inside your skin.

    In addition, the ultrasound waves open up the skin pores, to provide deep cleansing.

  • Move the facial head around your face

    Move the treatment head of the facial massager in circle following the formation of the muscles. See illustrations for the directions. Do not stop moving the treatment head when in use, about the rate of 5 centimeters within 1 second. The power would shut off automatically.

  • Wash your face

    After using the facial massager, clean your skin with water or tissue papers

  • Clean the Facial Massager

    Clean the treatment head with tissue papers after use.


Review of Fyola Skin Food

by Dermatologist Dr. Ansul Khan (Arizona, USA)


Written By Dr. Ansul Khan - MSc (Dermatological Sciences), Anti-Aging (Paris)

Fyola Skin Food is a unique and safe gel (aqueous) based application.

The gel will form a thin contact interface between the device and the skin, allowing efficient penetration of actives into the deeper levels of the skin when the Fyola Lite device is switched on. The gel will also reduce discomfort and lessen post-treatment erythema due to the thin protective layer that is deposited when the gel is applied to the treatment zone.

fyola review

Since this is a water based application, it can be used on all skin types including oily skin. I carefully reviewed all the active ingredients and although they are all naturally derived botanicals, it is best to perform a small patch test on your inner forearm, in case of allergies or dermatitis.

A careful review reveals, that all ingredients are safe to use unless the above applies.

The actives in the gel are all naturally derived organic botanicals and amino acids that should prove to be beneficial for the skin. Used in conjunction with the Fyola Lite device which uses tri-phasic scientifically proven time tested technology in treating skin and achieving rejuvenation, ‘Skin Food’ will offer a rich cocktail of actives to the skin where they are needed most.

Various studies prove the healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant & hydrating benefits of a lot of the ingredients incorporated within the Toner Gel by Fyola Lite, and along with the device, these actives will be delivered deep into the skin, hence nourishing, hydrating and healing the skin at a deeper level. Some natural ingredients within the gel have natural astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, thereby benefiting acne and promoting skin hygiene.

facial massager with gel
Fyola Skin Food (Toning Gel 30ml)
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Vitamin E, Vitamin B5,  Seaweed extract and Amino Acids will help in skin renewal and also help build back the dermal collagen and supportive system of the skin, giving an overall naturally rejuvenating effect plus reducing puffiness and redness due to the nature of the formulation.

Orange Peel extract which is rich in Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), is an excellent anti-oxidant and will help in evening out skin tone, increasing cellular health, and promoting collagen formation.  I am not sure that the Vit.C in the gel is encapsulated and micronized, since this process helps to prevent oxidation of the Vit.C and maintain efficacy. Vit. C is highly unstable and does not absorb well topically. But along with Fyola Lite, absorption will be enhanced.

I used ‘Skin Food’ as a standalone treatment for dry and mildly sun damaged skin, and I noticed some level of hydration and smoothening of the skin around the eye area.

The Skin Food Toner Gel will probably work synergistically with the Galvanic/Ultrasound option of the device and will actually deliver nutrients deeply and effectively through the skin, which is otherwise not possible using traditional hand facial massage therapy.

‘I recommend using the ‘Skin Food Toner Gel’ with the Fyola Lite device to achieve maximum benefit and deliver vital nutrients found in the Gel to the deeper layers of the skin.’

Review of ‘Skin Food Toner Gel’ by Fyola Lite

By Dr.Ansul Khan
MSc (Dermatological Sciences), Anti-Aging (Paris)
Founder of Skin Sense USA Consultants



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