Suction Cupping 15-Set - Korean

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Korean Suction Cupping 15-Set - Premium Quality

Massage Cupping is an effective addition to any spa or healing session. The cups are inexpensive, fun and result oriented. You will be amazed at the effective sessions produced by these Suction Cupping devices.


Benefits of the Suction Cupping Therapy

  • Magnets improves blood circulation
  • Increases blood's oxygen level
  • Helps to clear blood vessels of cholesterol and calcium
  • No dangerous side effects
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Healthy Benefits Suction Cupping

  • Cupping therapy has been further developed as a means to open the Meridians' of the body.
  • Vacuum Cupping Apparatus no need fire, just using vaccum gun to cure various diseases, improve the blood circulation, drege cold,poison and etc.
  • Perfect combination of traditional fire cupping and modern magnetic vacuum cupping.


Relaxes Your Muscle with Massage Cupping

Massage Cupping technique relaxes muscles while exerting negative (suction) pressure on the surface of the body. The effects are similar to those of massage: increased bloodflow to local areas and pressure to relax muscle tissues.

For people who wish to use magnets, the acupressure "points" which may be installed are magnetic. Magnetism is then applied at the same point as the cupping therapy is applied

Durable & Easy to Use Cupping Set

Strong, superior grade cupping set with pistol grip suction pump gun, 12 cups. Light, break-resisting and age-resisting plastic. Variety of cup sizes, plus a user manual containing diagrams, and application instructions.

Also included are magnetic "needles" (non-penetrating pressure-giving points) of both polarities, which give balanced magnetic exposure of traditional acupuncture points.

The magnetic "needles" has of strength 2000 ~ 2500 gauss. When the needles are applied on the skin it provide a continuous, spring-adjusted pressure. They are easily to be removed from the dome of each cup and you can install them again effortless.


Massage Suction cupping is a modernized form of Cupping therapy. It adopts a suction gun to produce a negative air pressure vacuum inside cups which have been placed on the skin. The suction works to release rigid soft tissues and muscles. The skin reddens after the cup is left in place for a few minutes. The purpose of using cups in this way is to apply pressure for relaxation of muscles and overall promotion of wellbeing.

Massage Cupping Explained

Cupping involves creating a vacuum in a suction cup over various parts of the body for therapeutic effects. The classical method of cupping was to briefly heating the air in an inverted cup, which then produces a vacuum when the air cools after the cup is quickly applied to the skin. The resultant low pressure under the cup causes a localized expansion of tissue, which produces a profound vasodilatation reaction.

Suction cups are typically placed locally over the body, and retained or manipulated for 5-10 minutes. Topical application of an oil-based lubricant to the skin just prior to cup application facilitates a tight seal, and allows for sliding cups around in the treatment area.

Cups are now available that can be mechanically evacuated using a small hand-operated pump. Cups of all sizes are employed to treat a wide range of disorders. Cupping is frequently applied over nodal sites, but can be used in non-nodal regions as well.

suction cupping parts explained


Action of Suction Cups

Suction Cups produce vacuums on the body's surface by manually withdrawing the air through the suction gun, rather than the traditional way of burning up oxygen. If you think of massage in terms of positive pressure (pressing in on body tissues), then you can think of Massage Suction Cupping as a negative pressure, drawing body tissues outward from the body, to stimulate them with a reverse massage.

The skin is pressed up against the "needles" or points, when they are used. These points are magnetized, in the "Biomagnetic" sets.


What Does This Set Include?

Durably reusable, break-resistant plastic cupping set includes

  • 2” dia(10 pcs)
  • 1.8”(2 pcs)
  • 1.6”(1pc)
  • 1.3”(1 pc)
  • 1.1” (1 pc)
  • Size